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When finding out the best options for hiring a Las Vegas Pool Contractor. It’s a great idea to follow the tips in this article to point you in the right direction.

How to hire a Las Vegas Pool Contractor: Intro

A swimming pool can be a big investment. However, a well-maintained pool will last for many years. Research contractors before you decide on the type and location of your pool. This will ensure you don’t get left out with poor quality or a subpar installation. If you’re looking for a qualified Las Vegas pool contractor, please try Happy Gorilla Pools!

Talk with family

Ask anyone who’s had a pool installed recently, has worked with a company to refinish a pool or has gone through the process on how to hire a Las Vegas pool contractor. Look at the posts on social media where friends are looking for recommendations for service and product providers. See if your friend or family member had the same experience as you.

Search Google to find pool contractors.

Step number two of how to hire a Las Vegas pool contractor: Typically, we’ve found only the most professional pool contractors are found in the top results on Google. These companies meet the highest standards regarding advertising, customer service, and contractor professionalism. It takes dedication and persistence to keep your pool business website highly ranked with great Google reviews.

Search the directory for contractors in your area. While businesses don’t need to be accredited to be included on the list of contractors, those that are should look for the BBB Accredited business seal. Many businesses have a letter grade rating. You can choose to display only BBB Accredited pool contractors. This allows you to exclude contractors with low ratings or to limit your search to contractors within a specified distance.

You can contact the business by visiting their profile page if they are listed. A button allows accredited pool contractors to request a quote.

View the years of business.

Step three of how to hire a Las Vegas pool contractor: It doesn’t take long to find neighbors who feel like their pool contractor ripped them off. They were given an estimate and then left with a large sum. It takes more than equipment to build a pool. Companies that start off with a bang often go out of business quickly. A pool contractor who has been in operation for at least a few decades, has a good reputation and can provide references from residents is a good choice. Do not be tempted by the salesman who claims he has done big business in another country but is now offering low prices to start here.

Compare prices

Step number four of how to hire a Las Vegas pool contractor: To get an idea of what is available, talk to at least three pool contractors. It is possible to have communication issues later on if a pool contractor takes too long to get back with you. You want a pool contractor who communicates well and asks the right questions to get to know your budget and goals.

The cost of your pool is affected by everything you do to it. Get a quote for a pool similar to yours every time. A contractor may quote you one price for a regular-sized pool light, but not one for a pool with steps and three color-changing LED lights. This price will not compare to a similar-sized pool that has a spa, tanning platform, water feature, and three color-changing LED lights.

Ask pool contractors for written quotes, including a breakdown of the price. Find someone who will provide a written bid if a contractor refuses to do so. Place all three documents side-by-side to compare. Do not just examine the sum. You should research the equipment and quality of the plaster used for the filtration system. Also, make sure you know what their warranty covers.

Find out about organizational memberships, licensing, and certifications

Step five of how to hire a Las Vegas pool contractor: The licensing requirements for pool contractors depend on where they are located. To find out what is required for your state and local ordinances, check with them. Contractors who don’t follow these regulations are a sign they will cut corners, ultimately leading to higher costs.

Although pool contractors don’t need to be licensed, it is important that they evaluate their licensing status if they have subcontractors who do plumbing or electrical work. Check for industry trade associations, certifications, and organizational memberships (such as BBB accreditation).

Get insurance

Pool contractors will use heavy equipment to dig large holes near your house. Even though they have decades of experience, mistakes can happen. For the event that an employee is hurt while working on your property, a reputable pool company will have personal and property liability insurance.

Do not assume that your pool contractor is covered. Before signing a contract, or making payments, verify the information.

Learn the payment schedule.

Many pool companies require that you pay your pool in installments. A deposit may be required before the pool company can start work. Additional payments will be made when work reaches certain milestones. This is how your draw schedule could look like:

  • Initial payment for layout/dig/reinforcement
  • Gunite, shotcrete, and fiberglass
  • Plumbing installation
  • Installation of tile, plaster, and other equipment
  • Final payment

Although each pool company may have a different structure, you shouldn’t pay a large portion of the total upfront. You can pay by check payable to the business name or with your credit card. Your credit card company may be able to assist you with obtaining reimbursement if the contractor fails to fulfill the contract’s terms.

Check criminal and background

Your property is a common place where pool contractors, subcontractors, and employees spend a lot. This gives them to access to your home and family. Check out how contractors use their employees. They should have the background and criminal history checks.

Ask how you can determine who is authorized to work. You should find out which uniforms, nametags, and business vehicles are allowed on your property. This will allow you to be aware of any that you shouldn’t.

Call refer

Asking the pool contractor to provide a list with recent references is a smart idea.

Call them to ask about their experiences. Either you are making a good investment in summer fun or you are wasting your money on the wrong company. Ask them if they completed the pool within the timeframe agreed upon. Was the work done well?

Get all details by writing.

After selecting a pool contractor, ensure they include all the items you have agreed to in your contract.

Here is a list of things they will need to include:

  • How much is dirt and excavating work included in your bid? What other issues might arise? And how the price will be adjusted if there are any problems once they dig.
  • How they will prepare the site to avoid damaging existing properties. What landscaping will they take down? How will they get to the pool site? Will they remove fencing and move flower beds?
  • How they intend to use the equipment, what it will do to your property, and how they will fix any problems. You should include details on what to do if the equipment fails or if the timeline has to be altered.
  • Find out if the bid includes a fence around the pool if the location calls for it.
  • The pool’s itemized cost includes any additional features such as an infinity edge or grotto cave, pool covering, or diving board.
  • After the pool is finished, what landscaping and grading will the contractor do?
  • After completion, warranty coverage.
  • Which maintenance and repair costs are you responsible for?

Beware of scams

Many pools were not installed due to supply chain problems, and pool purchases in 2020 were delayed. Scammers want to profit from the delays and increased demand. You can avoid falling for scams by paying attention to the following:

  • Avoid falling for offers that sound too good to be true. Many scammers will lure you with high-priced offers that seem too good to be true, only to later discover that there is no pool available. Even if there was a pool, it might not be the one you expected or lower quality.
  • Verify the physical address of the company. Scammers may use a false address or even not list any address. It’s possible that the scammer is using a fake address or not being able to verify the company’s physical address.
  • You can pay with a credit or other secure payment method. Even if all these tips have been followed, people can fall prey to scammers. You can dispute charges by using a credit card, or another secure payment method.

The above list is a guideline. However, it would be best if you always asked questions. To ensure you get the best value for your money, it is essential to understand every aspect of the transaction. You can’t trade in your swimming pool if it’s not what you want.

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